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December 28, 2013

Let's stop talking and continue stalking!

Before invention of social networks our life was really hard. We have often been hanging outside your windows, so we can see you eating, changing clothes, or sleeping... We often have been freezing behind the trees, while we waited for you to get out from the office after hours. Then we followed you through the scary, dark, narrow streets back to your home. We just wanted you to be safe, because we adore you.

Sometimes we were caught like perverts by the authorities. They punished us for 'disturbing' you. But we only wanted to love you, admire you from afar, smell the air behind you as you pass by. We have never asked anything in return. We just wanted to feast our eyes and remember every detail about you, so we could fall asleep with images of you in our minds every night. 

With the invention of social networks - everything has changed for the better. Thank you for uploading your private moments, intimate photographs, videos, your thoughts... We can get to know you, better than ever before. You made our life much easier. You placed us back to our cozy homes in front of the computer and phone screens. We are now able to see your entire life with just a few clicks.
We will always be by your side.

Thank you.